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Chrysanthemum Painting

Chrysanthemum Painting

Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum is one of four types of flowers you right in the Chinese culture. Chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity, happiness and fortune in abundance. In Feng Shui, the energies that daisies bring a landlord makes life simple and balanced in everything. Simultaneously, it also brings luck to the house

Location suggestions:

Dining room and kitchen: meaning family reunions, to hang the painting daisies, roses, orchids ... and should not hang paintings with flowers colored the bleak easy family atmosphere makes tedious as the six winter, ice-move, forget me not ...

Hotel can choose from the wealth of picturesque architecture, orchid, tiger tail, yew trees, leafy lotus, palm trees, trees account, gentleman orchid, chrysanthemum, orchid needs, orchids, flower primrose, rules, tree ferns, bleeding example ..., the flowers are "lucky items" in feng shui school, such as that implied auspicious, being build financial development.

Take the painting of colorful flowers in your room or home, you will help in the house is air conditioning and fluency.

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